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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Letter For A President Part 4

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"A Leader who is not in love with citizens have  many excuses, sweet words and  react in habitual ways to defend his dirty agendas  to pass even if it means to destroy someone life and that one is no different from  a monster"


Dear Mr. President it is another day with another part of a Letter for a President. I Love this country Mr. President not because I I was born here but only because I know my purpose on this Earth. May be you also know why you are President thus why you are a President.

I heard some people complaining wanting you to resign, I don’t know their reason behind and you also know your reasons why you should not. I care for you Mr. President not because you are a President but because you are my father Mr. President, you are my father because you are a Tanzanian, and Mr.Ridhiwan is my brother, my very good brother even if we are not from the same stomach but is my real brother. In short all Tanzanians are my family, my real family of the same blood thus why I am proud to be born in the family of more than 40million of people, I love this family Mr. President.  
 Even if you don’t treat me, Amina, Ibrahim and Emmanuel as your really family like what you do to our really brother Ridhiwan  still you are our father as long as you are Tanzanian older than us you are our really father Mr. President. Dear Mr President I love Tanzanians more than you think of me,  I love Naima, I love Shadrack, I love Ibrahim, I love Naomi, I love Abuu, I love isaya, I love Meshack, I love everybody Mr. President such that I can go beyond for love. 

I don’t know  why you became a President whether you did for love you have for your family Tanzania or for your status, this truth you have within yourself. I don’t know why Mr. Nape is very busy for so called “Kujivua Gamba” if he is doing for love of this family Tanzania or for CCM IMAGE? I don’t know why Hon.Ngeleja is letting us down with so many excuses whether he did for love of this family Tanzania or for his own?
I don’t know why Hon. Mbowe is working so hard with his party with the intention of seeing you regarding the process of this new constitution whether they want to see you because of the love they have for this family Tanzania or for the love they have for CHADEMA?  Sorry can I ask you a question among of the following who do you love most,  CCM,STATUS OR TANZANIANS? You know it Mr. President. Now scandals? Whatever newspapers I read it is all about scandals, Jairo Scandals, TANESCO scandals about insulators and procurement regulations, Ngeleja Scandals,Adam Malima scandals, Auditor General Ludovick Utouh scandals, it is all about scandals, scandals, scandals scandals. Who is creating these scandals, why? Why?. 
It is all because of lack of love period. The missing link here is lack of love Mr. President. I am supporting parliament recommendations that all those  people who were involved in Jairo scandals must be punished, they must be punished. And if you really love Tanzanians do it not for a reason of government image but for the love you have for Tanzanians. 

I think gospel of love must be preached in this country, not peace but gospel of love. I know there are so many religions here but many have failed to preach the gospel of love, it is all about segregations that others are wrong while others are right, it is not the issue of who is in the right position or not  but love for everyone, gospel of love gospel of love Mr. President is needed. We are all human beings we are one family why should we kill ourselves, why should we punish ourselves? 

love Mr.President.

The government must fall in love with citizens, otherwise scandals will not end. One of my client from UK claimed that even if this country they say  it is a peaceful country, love is not here, you don’t love each other, you  are like monsters, even if you are not fighting but there is a missing link…………LOVE….LOVE….LOVE.  Mr. President how can a person misuse public funds and build his own mansion while others are dying, how can a Person misuse public funds to buy his own expensive cars while others are dying with diseases just because of lack of treatment. Is this love? How can Mr. Jairo the person who we trust much, the permanent secretary of ministry of energy and mineral resources  direct his departments and agencies  to use the public funds of Tshs.50million  for his ministry budget  of 2011/12 to pass in the parliament, for his own interest. Dear President Tanzania is one family, just like your family with Ridhiwan, we are one family, we are one, we are brothers,sisters,parents we are one family let us love each other as family Mr. President. 

We should not treat others as dogs, we should  not treat others as donkeys Mr.President we are all human beings  with the same red blood, love Mr. President. We should be ashamed of ourselves, we must do everything with love and then everything good will follow. 
I have much to talk but I think it is better to end here I am afraid that I may start crying because of the love I feel to this nation which others are using it as SHAMBA LA BIBI.
My mother once told me:”A Leader who is not in love with citizens have  many excuses, sweet words and he react in habitual ways to defend his dirty agendas  to pass even if it means to destroy someone life and that one is no different from  a monster”
I love you my President. Remember to recommend my new books (KICHWA CHAKO NI DHAHABU YA UTAJIRI, NGUVU YA KUJITAJIRISHA NDANI YAKO AND THE RICHEST GOLDMINE IN YOU) for a change as I intend to change this country no matter what even if it means to cost my life, as matter of fact no one will get out of this world alive.
By Geophrey A. Tenganamba,
Contacts:gtlivemore@gmail.com and +255714477218





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